Drawing cartoon characters into a photo with Inkscape!

What's Inside

Do you remember when you were a kid and you imagined everything was alive? That little creatures are living under the floorboards, or hiding between the leaves? Using simple illustration techniques you can make these creatures come alive and draw cute characters onto real photos! How? Check this out:

You only need Inkscape and a photo to draw onto! And some creative playfullnes of course!

During the class we will learn

  • to pick the best picture as a base for our illustration
  • to pick colors that match our image while still stand out
  • to draw a simple 2D vector character illustration
  • to apply lighting and shadows to our drawing using gradients and blur
  • and to make our character a part of the image by using clipping and masking

Use the free tool Inkscape and your imagination and create this cute elf reading on a mushroom with me today!

Even better, apply what you learn and create your own character on any photo and use it as a greeting card, Instagram post or a cute poster for

Please note that this is an intermediate class, check out my beginner courses to get familiar with Inkscape! :)

Draw with me today and make your characters come alive!

Get started now!

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