Black and White Photography in the Digital Age

Use Photoshop CC to Convert Your Photos into Dramatic Black & White Prints

What's Inside

Are you a black and white photography lover? Immerse yourself in the timeless, cinematic world of black and white images. Gain understanding of the black and white principles - learn why certain images are successful when converted to monochrome while others are suddenly losing their initial impact.

"Seeing in black and white" is essential to produce meaningful, impressive black and white photographs. If you have tried to simply turn your colour images to monochrome by hitting a single button on your computer, you were most probably disappointed with the results. Black and white photography is an art. The creative process it involves is an unique journey that unfolds as you progress along the path. We have designed the "Dramatic Black and White Photography in the Digital Age" course as a map to help you move with confidence and avoid common pitfalls. We know from our own experience how frustrating Photoshop work can be if you play the "trial and error" game.

To start with - this course is packed with high quality supporting materials (14 high resolution TIFF files), they are downloadable and ready for you to use and speed up the learning process. The "hands-on" tutorial part of the course is based on the provided image base, you don't have to waste time searching for suitable images.

By following along the complete, explained step by step edits you will discover all the ins and outs of the professional black and white creative process. We will teach you how to work effectively, in a non-destructive way, how to take intelligent creative decisions and get the results you always dreamed of.

Join this course, download the supporting files and experience the magic of black and white universe!

Skills You Will Gain

Simple Monochrome Conversion
Get results fast working with simple “One Step” methods of black & white conversion such as Desaturate, Hue/Saturation and Grayscale.

RGB Model & Photoshop Channels
Learn to evaluate your images with dedicated Photoshop tools. Understand RGB color mode, its relation to photographic filters and use it to perform black & white conversions with sophisticated methods.

Advanced Black & White Conversion
Explore the range of advanced black & white conversion methods: LAB Color, Hue/Saturation with Adjustment Layer, Twin Hue/Saturation Method, Gradient Map, Channel Mixer, Black & White Tool and Adobe Camera RAW Plugin.

Master Black & White Artwork
Discover the most important components of powerful monochrome artwork: tonal separation between key elements in your image, strong contrast and wide tonal range including rich shadow and highlight detail.

The Histogram & Levels Tools
Learn how to extend tonal range in your images with the Levels Tool. Reference the luminosity adjustments with the Histogram to avoid clipping shadows or highlights in your photos.

Non-Destructive Workflow
Learn how to combine masks and adjustment layers to achieve your creative vision and maintain great flexibility. In no time create alternative versions of one photo, or revisit your artwork in the future and bring new ideas to life with a few touches to your adjustments.

Seven Complete Fine Art Portrait Workflows

The course takes an active, hands-on approach. Follow the complete start-to-finish monochrome portrait edits and expand your creative skills.

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Kasia Zmokla

Digital Art Classes | Photography & Photo Editing Skills

My name is Kasia Zmokla and I am very excited that you are reading this!

I teach in the Digital Art area and I want you to be confident that I can deliver the best training, so below is some of my background in the Digital Art Field.

Professional Background

I’m a fine art photographer, artist, digital publisher and instructor. My passion for nature inspires my travels and has taken me to amazing locations such as Nepal Himalayas, Thai beaches, American Rocky Mountains, Italian Dolomites, Montenegro Adriatic coastline and Albanian Alps among others. Portraiture and landscape are my favourite photography genres. When photographing at high elevations I like thinking of the process as taking portraits of the mountain’s face. Every peak has its’ own personality, its own unique and ever-changing beauty.

I perceive photography as a living path that is at the same time captivating and constantly challenging. When I photograph people I like to discover where my boundaries lie and to be surprised by what my subjects bring to the photograph. I am fascinated by subjects’ unique personalities. I search for individuals that capture my imagination. It’s an intuitive and unpredictable operation. I love the freedom of this process, as it allows, and perhaps encourages, unexpected moments to happen.

A born-and-raised Polish girl with a passion for artistic self-expression and adventure. Since early childhood and during the years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw I’ve been experimenting with different media, always relying on my imagination and creativity. I've received formal training at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland and graduated as a Master of Fine Arts in 2003. Eventually photography stole my heart and it is my medium of choice since 20 years. My first captures involved film and traditional developing process in a darkroom. Over the years the tools have changed - now I work with digital cameras and post processing software to bring to life my artistic vision. I’m an obsessive learner who spends time watching, reading, photographing, editing, creating and selling educational courses.

I’m proud to have founded Digital Art Classes - an online academy, where through range of photography courses I share my experience, the tools and techniques that help others create meaningful, compelling artwork. Over 60 thousands of students from 183 countries around the world have joined my courses and develop their photography skills with me. It’s a great honor and delight to be engaged in this work.


To sum up, I am absolutely and utterly passionate about photography and Digital Art and I am looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge with you!

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