The Bitfountain Core Data Immersive Course

Prepare Your Apps for the Apple Store by Learning the Core Data Stack

What's Inside

To release an app to the public through the Apple Store, you're going to need a strong understanding of Core Data, the object graph and persistence framework that allows a device to efficiently manage locally stored data. Through creating your own Core Data stack, you'll gain an understanding of how to manage data models and relationships while picking up some new Swift Language features. This is an essential course to help you start monetizing your app in the Apple marketplace.

  • Access 209 lectures & 11 hours of content
  • Customize your Core Data stack & understand how it is used in building production apps
  • Review & practice advanced Swift Language features
  • Learn the best practices for handling errors
  • Build complex data structures w/ relationships
  • Optimize a project w/ NSFetchedResultsController

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