Conversational French Made Easy

Learn useful travel French vocabulary and phrases.

What's Inside

Do you wish learning French was an easy thing to do? Do you wish you were be able to communicate easily with French speakers when traveling around the world or in your own country?

If so, the Conversational French Made Easy course, will give you the tools to communicate effectively with French speakers anywhere in the world.

This course takes you from learning how to pronounce French words correctly to understanding others and expressing your needs in a number of situations.

How have we accomplished this?

Instead of focusing on grammar lingo and concepts, we focus on useful phrases and sentences that you can start using from day one.

Through 88 video lectures, you will learn essential conversational French in a number of common situations. Starting with simple vocabulary that you can use when meeting people, to more complex vocabulary and phrases that will allow you to order food, follow directions and other important skills that will make your trips to French-speaking countries that much more enjoyable.

This is what some of our students are saying:

"This course is extremely helpful in developing basic conversation skills. I can't wait to become proficient enough to put everything to use!"

"The instructor is amazing! This course is well organized and it explains the most important details of what it takes to learn french!"

Course Bonuses:

In addition to the video lectures, practice videos and quizzes, you will have access to ready-to-print PDF's that you can review in your free time to help you keep your conversational French skills fresh.

This course also includes recordings of French speakers from different countries, so you get used to different accents from different parts of the world.

Join our French-learning community where you'll have direct access to your course tutor and course peers to get an answer to any questions you may have.

Sign up and start learning French today! See you inside the course!

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Esteban Perez Rodriguez

I am passionate about learning and teaching languages. Originally from Costa Rica, now live in San Francisco, California. I have a degree in Business Management and have studies in music theory and music recording.

I focus on creating high-quality language online courses as well as creating a fun and interesting easy-to-follow environment that keep my students motivated and makes the learning process an enjoyable experience.

I strive to give my students practical knowledge and language skills that will enrich their personal and professional lives.

Look forward to welcoming you in my courses.

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