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Develop the Advanced Skills You Need to Shoot Up the No Limit Hold'em Online Poker Ladder

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To be successful in No Limit Hold’em online poker, it’s essential to conquer the micro stakes, the lowest rung of the ladder. In this course, you’ll learn the intermediate and advanced strategies you need to pull yourself out of the micro stakes and up to higher stakes. You have to spend money to make money, especially in poker, and this is the course that’ll teach you to spend less to make more.

  • Access 57 lectures & 5.5 hours of content
  • Master range-based thinking & Combinatorics to become an effective hand reader
  • Learn to steal & defend more
  • Understand the squeeze play, isolation raising & floating
  • Discover the art & science of the polarized 3-betting ranges
  • Bluff w/ purpose & capitalize on dead money
  • Utilize hand history reviews to improve your game

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Alton Hardin

Alton Hardin is an educator, poker coach, self-published & best-selling author, and full-time IT and Business professional. Alton is the founder of MicroGrinder Poker School and the best-selling author of Essential Poker Math for No Limit Holdem; moreover, he is the creator of numerous online poker courses. Alton has been playing poker for over a decade both live and online. He helped pay his way through college playing live low stakes games in the early 2000's. Today, Alton enjoys playing the micro stakes for enjoyment and a teaching instrument, where he has racked up over $1,000 in earnings playing mainly 5nl & 10nl.

Outside of poker, Alton is a full-time business and IT professional, where he works in the field of cyber security. He has earned two graduate degrees, an M.B.A. and M.S. in IT Network Management; moreover, he currently holds multiple IT industry certifications.

Alton also has a fond love for teaching. As an undergraduate he group tutored chemistry students and as a graduate student he taught a GMAT prep course. Upon graduating from his MBA program, he began teaching as an adjunct professional for the School of Business & Public Administration at his local state university in the field of Information Systems and IT Management.

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