Electrical Substations for Electrical Engineering

Course for electrical power engineering student who wants to know about electrical substations in electric power system.

What's Inside

Welcome to my own course in my series for power system explanations, in this course we are going to discuss the following topics related to electrical power substations:

  • We will discuss the function, classification, and voltage of electrical substations.
  • We will discuss its main components like power transformers, conductors, insulators, switch gears, current transformers, capacitor voltage transformers, and voltage transformers.
  • We will discuss the different types of circuit breakers, relays, and their classification according to time, construction and function.
  • We will discuss the difference between circuit breakers and fuse, in addition to their applications.
  • We will understand the definition of IP or ingress protection.
  • We will explain the grounding system including the effect of current on the human body, components of the grounding system, types of electric hazards, and classification of earthing system.
  • We will measure the earthing resistance by Megger and the three-point method.
  • We will learn how to do an earthing system using the Etap program.
  • We will learn about the ring main unit and its importance in electrical power systems.
  • We will discuss the types of switches used in electrical power systems and substations.
  • We will discuss the overhead transmission lines, underground cables, and the differences between them.
  • We will learn about power system busbars, their importance, their different schemes, and how to select them.
  • We will understand the lightning arrester and wave trap which are used in substations.
  • We will discuss the air and gas-insulated substations.
  • We will discuss designing an electrical substation and a single-line diagram of a 66/11 kV substation.

Course Curriculum

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