C#: The Complete Foundation

Learn Easy, Learn Smart, Learn It All: The Most Comprehensive A-Z Guide to C#


What's Inside

With 96 lectures included, this course is designed to cover all the essential concepts of C# and object oriented programming. You’ll learn to create functional and useful C# programs, as well as use other IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) such as: Eclipse, Unreal Engine, Unity and more. After taking this class, you’ll be fully prepared to take on advanced topics, and even transition into other languages like Java or C++.

  • Learn to create C# applications w/ over 96 lectures & 8 hours of content
  • Apply the core concepts of object oriented programming
  • Analyze, design, implement & organize around objects
  • Apply code encapsulation for reusability & stability
  • Write custom classes, interfaces, loops & methods
  • Understand C# at a college-level
  • Start a new career as a developer
  • Understand syntax, logic & run-time errors
  • Write fluent pseudocode & flowcharts

Course Curriculum

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Danny Boehm

My name is Danny Boehm and I am a Computer Science/Mathematics Major with a minor in Game Development at California State University: Channel Islands. I've also attended DeVry University's Bachelor of Logic & Simulation Programming online. In my spare time, I work as a Teacher Aid/Tutor for all the Computer Information classes held at Fullerton College and have experience working with students directly.

My programming background includes:

Python, Java, C, C#, C++, Lua, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Unity and Android Development.

Instructor Goals:

As an instructor, I plan to engage all my students in hands on projects. All my courses will include: vocabulary, concept lectures, examples inside programming environments and homework projects to practice on your own time. Each lesson will act as a precursor to the next lessons subject matter and encourage critical thinking to solve problems.

Student Expectations:

I expect all students to remain patient. Programming language is like speaking a foreign language. It requires a lot of time, patience and practice. Students should welcome a challenge and are encouraged to practice lesson concepts on their own time, as well as, develop custom code from the concepts we will discuss.

Students should be able to understand each language taught at a college-level by the end of a course and it should act as a precursor to any higher level learning.

Above all else, have fun!

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