Bundle - 30 Interviews With Successful Entrepreneurs

17 hours of interviews. From poverty to millionaire - 30 multi-millionaires reveal, for the first time, how they achieved business success, starting with nothing. Learn from the experts!

What's Inside

This series of 30 interviews - over 17 hours - show that anyone can be successful.

Almost all of these people started with nothing.

They are now rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Success in business is always a result of having processes in place - but these processes take time to discover and master.

In this series of 30 individual interviews, they each describe how they started, what they did wrong … and, crucially, what they did right.

They reveal, for the first time, precisely how they came to make such large amounts of money.

Make no mistake - these are busy people and they all agreed to be interviewed on the sole condition that this will help people like you to learn from their successes.

Nothing is held back - including details of their early poverty - so that you can empathize ... so that you can understand .. and so that you can learn and copy the processes that they put in place.

The best way of learning is always from the experts - and interviews are with the true business titans of today …. and, remember, every single one started with nothing.

You may not know some of the people interviewed, you may not even know their company - but in every case, they have turned their lives around from poverty to untold riches and happiness.

Their stores are certainly inspirational - but they also allow you to learn from their mistakes and their successes.

A full transcript is included for each interview.

The interviews include:

Mike Filsaime: Discover How He Came From Poor Haiti Parents To Making Repeated Multi-Millions Of Dollars Online

This time we're chatting with a true game-changer, someone who has become a legend in internet marketing circles.

These days, he's known as a digital marketer, an author, a speaker, a software developer, an online marketing educator, and a marketing consultant.

His father used to buy lottery tickets galore, but he never checked if they’d won, so Mike wrote an early computer program to check for winning tickets.

He then improved it so that it checked the results in all 50 states …. and when he tried to place an advert for it in a casino magazine, what he was told changed his life.

Now, he is no longer attracted to money - rather, he enjoys the simple fact that this poor Haiti boy is accepted in the highest echelons of American business life.

This is a truly fascinating rags to riches, Haiti to Manhattan, ignored immigrant to full USA acceptance, story.

Willie Crawford: How To Make A Fortune From Online Businesses And Courses

He's been called one of the most genuine and most respected marketers in the world today.

In this interview, you'll hear why he thinks it's important to choose who you listen to, why you should have a loose plan, but also still be open to change and why age isn't an issue

He was in the US Air Force in 1996 and had early access to the fledgling internet.

What he saw online, day after day, fixed his mind on running an online business when his service was ending, 6 years later.

Millions of dollars later, he shares his knowledge with you - so that you can emulate his successes - and, importantly, avoid his mistakes!

Anthony McCarthy - From A Huge Bankruptcy Selling Kitchen Tiles To Making Money By Helping Others

When selling kitchen tiles and cabinets in his native Ireland, he did one very big, very profitable, deal.

But he didn't get paid - and instantly had a debt of nearly $2 million dollars …

His property was taken from him - and his father had to pay for food for his young family.

With court and other fees, he ended up losing $20 million … and he and his family were homeless.

He was invited to a seminar (no online webinars in those days!) by an old drinking pal and learned something that allowed him to not only pay the debt off - but also has made him an unbelievable fortune since that awful day.

He used this newfound knowledge in online sales to re-start his kitchen business - and he has made many more millions since.

In this interview, he tells about that dark time - and how his successes since have enabled him to make a fortune for others - partly by giving away 100% commissions on his online products.

Listen to his story, what he does now to help others - and be inspired by both his past, and how it can help your future!

Clate Mask: Co-Founder Of Keap, Formerly Infusionsoft

Clate Mask is the CEO and co-founder of a company called Keap, which was formerly known as Infusionsoft.

Now, this is a company you may or may not be familiar with, but it is one of the most revolutionary “software as a service” (SAAS) companies out there today.

His success is based on what he calls “lifecycle marketing”. He describes this as:

“Really just a way for entrepreneurs to get their brain wrapped around their business and to understand that there are these three phases of the customer life cycle. Business can sometimes feel so dizzying and frustrating, but it's really as simple as that”.

Charles Harper - From Boarding School To Business Millionaire

One of the many surprising revelations in this interview is that, like so many other entrepreneurs, making money isn’t the goal.

Rather, it's what that money can do for you that's important.

Charles reveals how he took a very small severance pay and built a multi-million dollar worldwide business - with all transactions online.

That means that he and his wife can spend their whole days together.

As he says:

“You go from survival mode to putting things in place and things are happening. I think right now, I look at it as a way to create margin in my life. It's not that I'm not looking to get rich. I mean, I'll make as much as I can, but I'm looking at it now as a way to create more time with my wife”.

Andrew Fox - How To Get From Washing Cars To Owning A Ferrari

In his British tiny bedroom, in his parent's house, he had a picture of a home overlooking the sea.

And a picture of a Ferrari.

He wanted both - and he told friends he would have them within 5 years.

Yet he was merely washing other people's cars for a pittance.

Five years later, he has a beautiful home, right on the seafront.

But he doesn’t have a Ferrari.

He has two Ferraris.

Oh - and a yacht.

Learn how he did it, discover his methods and techniques - and emulate his success.

A truly moving story of believing in your hopes and dreams - whilst taking action to achieve them.

Tracy Childers: The 12 Year Old Entrepreneur

Tracey’s father dabbled in real estate.

She, aged 12, had learned a little about marketing - not a lot, but more than him!

She set up a membership scheme, so that he could “teach” real estate online for a monthly subscription fee.

She soon had 35 staff working for her ….

However, as she freely admits in this fascinating interview:

“And man, it was really, really hard. And I said to myself, "I never want to do that. I never want to do that again."

Find out what she did next - you’ll be enthralled by her story!

Kelly Cole: From Cabrini Green in Chicago To Millionaire - Via A $10 Magazine

Cabrini Green was a byword for poor public housing in the US.

Who would have thought that a poor little boy could out - and up?

One day, after church, the young Kelly Cole spent the $10 that he had saved up on a business magazine.

This one magazine - instantly - transformed his life.

On the cover was a man with a Mercedes.

And the headline was “Millionaire From The Web”.

Many of the people in that magazine are in this “Interviews With Successful People” series …

… and now Kelly Cole reveals what inspired him from that first magazine … and how he is now gloriously wealthy, happy - and not living in a housing project any longer.

How did he do it?

Well, he started by writing to the stars of Shark Tank …

Hear Kelly’s amazing insights in this delightful interview - you'll be so impressed by how he personally created his own American dream!

Paul O’Mahoney - How I Went From Half A Million In Property Debt To $10,000 A Month Profit In 4 Months

When your parents are teachers, you’re usually expected to follow them into secure jobs in academia.

But young Irishman Paul O’Mahoney decided to go into property as he knew it was profitable …

… but suddenly the Irish property market totally collapsed, leaving him with debts of half a million, overnight.

The next day, he made $44.20 by using Twitter in a creative, legal, way.

Just four months later - to his parent’s amazement - he was making $10,000 a month.

And, 8 months after that, he made his first million dollars.

Listen to this incredible interview to hear how he managed to do this -and how he now talks about FUNancial freedom, as he shows that this is something that anyone can do!

Terry Dean: From Pizza Delivery Boy To Untold Wealth

26 years ago, Terry Dean was delivering pizzas for a living.

He left that to try and persuade people to sign up for credit cards, standing up outside a Sears store.

He got 2 sales in 2 weeks.

He left, deciding he would start up a business of his own, any business (after all, anything was better than standing in the rain) - and has never worked for anyone else since.

What happened next will amaze you - and inspire you!

As I say at the end of the interview:

“Terry, it's been absolutely fantastic to chat with you. Thank you so much for sharing both your story, your insights, your tips, and also some of the real inside information about anybody that wants to start online business, what they need to watch out for. So I really appreciate your time. Thanks once again”.

Listen to this interview now and hear about everything he has done over the last 26 years - and use his knowledge, experience and advice in your own business!

Alicia Lyttle - Learn How To Achieve Easy Success With Social Media

“An incredible story - an inspiring story... plus evidence of self-belief and what anyone can achieve - and that includes you!”

Alicia Lyttle has proven over and over again that you do not need to spend silly sums of money on marketing to grow your business.

Social media allows you to grow your business for free - and she is living proof.

In this interview, she reveals her ups - and her downs …including how she recovered from a cheating husband AND she recovered from cancer.

You will learn:

- how she went from the White House to a $6 million business, then homeless and sleeping on her sister's couch, then went back to amazing riches

- why she broke her father's heart

- how she traveled to China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand teaching her knowledge to live groups

- precisely which tools she uses daily to continually increase her considerable fortune

- why she adores the freedom of using social media to freely get her new and repeat customers

- why she describes social media as a faucet - she says "you just turn it on and paying customers come running towards you!"

- how YOU can use her knowledge and experience and make money today

- how, after her husband left her destitute, she made $1.8 million on just one idea, with $0 in her bank account - and no email list or database!

Armand Morin: From Selling Vacuum Cleaners Door-To-Door To $4.2 Million Online In 12 Weeks

He saw something online, improved it - and he made a profit of $8,000 in his first week.

And this was 1996.

And at first, his bank refused to cash the checks!

His next online business, just a few short weeks later, instantly made a profit of $110,000 in 7 days.

12 weeks later - and this was 1996, remember - he'd made $4.2 million for himself.

Then disaster struck, so he started over again.

He then discovered problems with getting merchant accounts ... so he wrote a short ebook to help others with the same problems.

That book made $300,000 profit a year, every year ... for 12 years.

Discover what happened next - you'll be amazed … and greatly inspired!

Tom Beal: Online Marketing - From Teenage Parents To Becoming Mentor To The Mentors

In this interview, we're chatting with a guy who really has made a name for himself in the world of online marketing.

He was born to teenagers - a 17-year-old mother, 19-year-old father - then was raised around four divorces and six marriages .. and he had attended to nine different schools by eighth grade!

He's worked alongside some of the industry heavyweights over the years, and these days he's known as the mentor's mentor.

Laura Casselman: CEO of JVZoo - Success In A Man’s World

This time, we're going to be doing a deep dive with someone who heads up one of America's fastest-growing software as a service or SaaS companies.

Laura Casselman is a name you may recognise, as she's the CEO of JVZoo, a role that she stepped into back in 2016 after two years as their COO.

We also talk about how Laura's dynamic rise to the top in a predominantly male sector hasn't gone unnoticed by her peers.

Rob Cuesta: Discover How To Create Best Selling Books And Become The Authority

Discover how to create a best-selling book, making you the authority, in under 48 hours.

"I started BrightFlame Books for one very simple reason: to help professionals like you stand out, get hired, and have more impact.

In working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, advisers and service providers, I have seen one truth time and again.

When it comes to proving to a prospective client that you are the leader in your field and the only sensible choice, there is no tool as powerful as a book with your name on the cover and your ideas on the pages: in a prospect’s mind, you’re not an Authority if you’re not an Author.

The problem is that most professionals are simply too busy to run off to a cabin in the woods for a few months to write their masterpiece.

That’s why we developed our collaborative writing process.

We’ve reduced the time required from you, the expert, to under 48 hours spread over a period of around 7 months.

That’s how long it takes, typically, for our team of strategists, writers, editors, designers, and marketers to take the knowledge in your head and turn it into a bestselling book that would look right at home on the shelves of a major bookstore."

Neil Stafford: How To Make Millions From Simple Membership Sites

Today, my guest is Neil Stafford, who swapped his corporate career for an online business.

You'll discover what exactly was the unusual product he sold to get started, and how he felt when he got his very first sale.

He next reveals the secret of generating an endless recurring income from simple membership sites - and there’s much, much more.

Paul Counts: How To Make Millions From JVZoo and Clickbank

Paul started his entrepreneurial journey as a 13-year-old selling t-shirts in his hometown (population 300!).

His experiences dealing with “everyday” people taught him how to understand people's wants and desires.

He's now built that knowledge into a massive online empire, helping huge companies to be successful in all of their dealings with the public.

In this interview, he not only explains how he did it, but also discusses the importance of never giving up - and how a supportive spouse can make all of the difference between success and failure.

In a world where online businesses are sometimes perceived by family as scammy, he stresses:

“I really don't care what it is I'm selling, as long as I can look my parents in the eye and my grandma and tell them what I sell online, I'm okay with that.”

Mara Glazer - The World's Best Female Copywriter

Joining us this time is someone whom I'm really excited to be talking with.

She's already been called the world's best female copywriter by her industry peers and is the founder of the highly influential business Direct Response Copy Girl.

During this interview, you'll find out why she's had to fight claims of nepotism and how she managed to take a set of drunk party pictures and turn those into a seven-figure business.

Not only that, but our guest has also been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The Huffington Post and if you've been a regular listener, you may already know who I'm talking about because her father, the legendary Bill Glazer is also the subject of an interview.

Ryan Allaire - From Growing Up In A Cramped Motel Room To Earning Millions Online

This time we're going to be doing a deep dive with a guy who is absolutely crushing it in direct marketing!

Ryan Allaire's story starts out when he and his family were living in a cramped motel room so this is a really fascinating and inspirational conversation.

Oh, and Ryan is also one of the most energetic guys you're ever going to meet!

Ed Rush: From Fighter Pilot To 5x Number 1 Best Selling Author

Joining us this time is a former fighter pilot who has since become a high flyer in helping everyday people to make more money, become more persuasive, and to enjoy what they do.

He now makes millions each year from his membership sites.

Nick James: Millions Of Dollars A Year From Information Products

Joining me this time is Nick James, who's arguably one of the UK's most well-known and experienced internet marketers.

After a horrible break-up with the mother of his little boy, he listened to a famous cassette tape.

What he learned shocked him .. and made him the multi-millionaire that he is today.

“So, the position we're in now is, I run a business with my wife and we turn over literally millions of dollars a year selling information products and software online. And we do that in a variety of different ways …”

Nick agreed to be interviewed so that you can discover everything that made Nick so wealthy and successful.

Bill Glazer: Writer And Award-Winning Business Growth Strategist

Joining us for this interview is a man who has been called one of the world's most celebrated marketing strategists by his peers.

You’ll learn how a chance meeting in Baltimore led to him creating a huge business from nothing - apart from an idea!

He sold this business for a fat sum - and now teaches people how to do the same!

This is a really enthralling and inspiring interview - please don't miss it!

Matt Bacak: Learn How To Build Multi-Million Dollar Online Businesses

Matt has been working online since 1997.

As a serial entrepreneur since the age of 12 years old, he's developed a strong track record building multi-million dollar businesses online.

In this “don’t miss it if you really want to start and grow your own business” interview, he reveals his “bleeding neck treatment” system to get the highest possible income every time - it's not as shocking as it sounds, I promise!

Daven Michaels - From Poor Musician To New York Times Bestseller and Owner Of One Of The World's Largest Staff Outsourcing Businesses

This time, we're chatting with Daven Michaels, an entrepreneur who left behind the music business to become wildly successful with multiple business ventures.

These days he's arguably best known for 123Employee, which is a virtual employee center based out of the Philippines.

Now, alongside that, he's also become one of the world's leading business coaches and public speakers.

He says:

“ … today I only work on what I'm wildly passionate about. So if I didn't enjoy doing interviews like this, I wouldn't be here with you today. If I didn't enjoy travelling, speaking all over the globe, I wouldn't be doing that … I don't have to work as hard as I used to in the early days. But I still work plenty hard just because I'm driven and I'm passionate about what I do“.

Kevin Fahey - Discover How An Irish Schoolboy Became A Multi-Millionaire On Clickbank

Joining us for this interview Kevin Fahey, who is is originally from Kildare in Ireland but these days he lives in Mallorca, the largest, and arguably most famous, of the Balearic Islands, off the coast of Spain.

I guess you could say Kevin genuinely does live the internet marketer lifestyle, working from a laptop on a beach.

Like so many Europeans, he started working in the beach bars for pennies - but soon built up an online business that makes him thousands of dollars each month.

Listen carefully, learn what he does - and discover how you can do the same!

Suzanne Dibble - From Writing A Blog About Richard Branson To Amazon Top Seller And Owner Of Multiple Businesses - And Untold Wealth!

Today's guest is someone I've been itching to talk to for some time.

After meeting Richard Branson, she hit on the idea of a special kind of “business template” - and has been wealthy ever since, with mostly passive, online, income.

If you’re considering starting or expanding your own business, her experiences and firm advice will really help you achieve success.

Omar Martin: Discover How He Went From A New York 911 Paramedic To A $1.7 Million A Year Entrepreneur - An Inspiring Story!

If you've ever wondered if it's possible to make a huge career change in order to make it big in online marketing, then you are going to love this.

Omar Martin has an amazing story to tell about how the events of September 11th, 2001 made him reassess his priorities in life.

Now, on September 11th, he lost good friends that day, and he decided to upstate New York, where he's working in medicine alongside the New York Fire Department to move down to Orlando, Florida.

These days, Omar runs a successful online business together with his wife, Melinda, netting almost $2 million a year - and in this interview, he explains how he does it.

John Thornhill: From UK Factory Worker To Multi-Millionaire Coach, Working From Home - His "Rags to Riches" Lifestyle Revealed

This time we're chatting with an entrepreneur who's an ex-factory worker.

He left all that behind to become one of the UK's leading online experts.

He's also one of the most down-to-earth entrepreneurs that you're ever likely to meet.

He originally hails from the Northeast of England.

So John Thornhill is a true British success story, but how did it get started and what challenges did he face along the way?

Learn everything by following the clear instructions in this compelling interview.

Steven Alvey: Discover How He Went From 11 Years In The Military To Becoming An Online Multi-Millionaire - In just 4 Years.

This time we're speaking to someone who is rapidly becoming known as a bit of a game-changer in the world of private label rights.

In fact, the work he's been doing has already brought him to the attention of two heavyweights of the business world, the legendary Brian Tracy, and also Kevin Harrington, a shark on US TV's Shark Tank.

Find out why he is described as "the Elon Musk of marketing" and use his techniques and knowledge in your own business.

James Malinchak: From An Incredibly Poor Steel Town Family To TV’s "Secret Millionaire"

James Malinchak is one of America's leading keynote speakers and business coaches.

USA Today named him the world's premier speaker, trainer and coach is also been featured on ABC's hit show, 'Secret Millionaire'

His philosophy is simple”

“You're in school every single day of your life. The minute you choose to stop learning, you will stop earning. And I don't just mean an income. I always said, if you want to go more, you got to grow more. Right. So earning is more than just money, but, um, so I'm constantly learning. I mean, I've read 5,000 books”.

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