Building Responsive Data Visualizations with D3.js

Create Bar Charts, Scatterplots & More That Look Great on Different Devices


What's Inside

In just 2 hours, you’ll master use of the D3.js library in conjunction with responsive design principles and technologies, such as Bootstrap and Pym.js. Combine the two to create stunning data visualizations that look great and—more importantly—effectively communicate their contents, no matter the viewing device.

  • Learn the basic structure of data binding in D3.js w/ over 2 hours of content
  • Construct a number of D3 visualizations: bar charts, line charts, scatterplots, etc.
  • Master D3 visualization features such as tooltips, axes & scales
  • Understand the importance of interactivity & transitioning between two states of a visualization for enhanced, responsive experience
  • Find, prepare, load & use external data sources: CSV, TSV, JSON & more
  • Enhance your web design skills w/ data visualization libraries like Bootstrap & Pym

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