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Learn How to Build Android Apps Without Coding


What's Inside

An app idea is the first step. The second step, coding, is the one that stops most people. Well, here's your golden ticket to building Android apps without code! App Inventor 2 is an open source web app originally developed by Google to turn complicated coding language into simple, visual drag and drop blocks. In this course you'll learn programming basics by building fully-fledged apps and become competent enough that you'll never need to hire a programmer to build your brilliant ideas.

  • Access 204 lectures & 17 hours of content
  • Gain a practical understanding of programming basics by building actual Android apps
  • Navigate & use App Inventor 2 efficiently & effectively
  • Test & update your apps after you've built them to provide the best quality assurance
  • Learn how to publish apps to Google's Play Store
  • Build ten apps of varying complexity w/o learning any coding language

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