Byte Size Chunks : Java Reflection, Annotations and Lambdas

Master 3 Powerful Features to Take Your Java Expertise to the Next Level

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Take your Java skills to new heights by mastering three powerful features: reflection, annotations, and lambdas. You’ll be able to apply code that can inspect other code in the same system, utilize metadata to learn about a program’s properties, or craft blocks of code that you can calibrate to execute later—all tasks that will make you a more efficient, effective programmer than you thought possible.

  • Master use of the Reflection, Annotation & Lambda features w/ 2 hours of content
  • Know when it’s appropriate to use reflection
  • Use custom & built-in annotations to provide data on your code
  • Use lambda functions to simplify your code & reduce bloat
  • Chain together aggregate operations & lambda functions to benefit from powerful functional programming features available in Java

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