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Byte Size Chunks: Java Multithreading

Learn to Write Efficient Programs That Execute Multiple Tasks Concurrently


What's Inside

Add some serious firepower to your Java skills with multithreading, or the simultaneous execution of multiple tasks in the same program. Implement multithreading, and it’s like you’re putting multiple CPUs to work executing those tasks in your program. This is a powerful tool to amp up the performance of any program without completely draining precious computing resources.

  • Master Java multithreading w/ 2 hours of content
  • Fully understand the importance of threading in modern computing
  • Master the basics: threads, processes, shared memory & inter-thread communication
  • Dive into old-school Java threading: Runnable & Thread objects
  • Delve into new-age threading: Callable & Future objects, executors, etc.
  • Fully understand Java semantics
  • Walk through a case study on double-checked locking & the singleton pattern

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