Basics of Wind Turbines

Learn the basics of wind energy including the construction of the wind generation system and different types of braking systems

What's Inside

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Types of wind turbines.
  • Rotor solidity and selection of the number of rotor blades.
  • Gearbox in wind turbines.
  • The power extracted by the turbine from the wind.
  • Betz limit and maximum rotor efficiency.
  • Factors affecting wind speed and density.
  • Applied force on the wind turbine, torque coefficient, and the importance of the TSR.
  • Wind turbine generator characteristics.
  • Effect of the rotor diameter and generator size on power.
  • Wind turbines spacing.
  • Tubular steel wind turbine tower.
  • Lattice wind turbine tower.
  • Concrete wind turbine tower.
  • Hybrid wind turbine tower.
  • Brakes in the wind turbine.
  • Rotor brakes in the wind turbine.
  • Pitch drive or aerodynamic brakes in the wind turbine.

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