Basics of Wind Turbines

Learn the basics of wind energy including the construction of the wind generation system and different types of braking systems

What's Inside

  • Types of wind turbines.
  • Rotor solidity and selection of the number of rotor blades.
  • Gearbox in wind turbines.
  • The power extracted by the turbine from the wind.
  • Betz limit and maximum rotor efficiency.
  • Factors affecting wind speed and density.
  • Applied force on the wind turbine, torque coefficient, and the importance of the TSR.
  • Wind turbine generator characteristics.
  • Effect of the rotor diameter and generator size on power.
  • Wind turbines spacing.
  • Tubular steel wind turbine tower.
  • Lattice wind turbine tower.
  • Concrete wind turbine tower.
  • Hybrid wind turbine tower.
  • Brakes in the wind turbine.
  • Rotor brakes in the wind turbine.
  • Pitch drive or aerodynamic brakes in the wind turbine.

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