Audio Frequency Recognition, Equalisers and Psychoacoustics.

The interactive guide to audio - what are frequencies, how to identify them and alter them with equalisers.

What's Inside

Do you know how to use equalisers?

Do you understand audio frequencies?

Do you understand hearing damage and how to prevent it?

Are you a budding audio engineer?

Are you a musician?

You need this course! Don't be intimidated anymore by mixers, equalisers and sound engineers.


In this course you will learn:

  • how humans hear
  • what hearing damage is and how to prevent it
  • how to identify any frequency
  • how to eliminate feedback
  • how to make instruments and tracks sound full using 'timbre'
  • how to use all equalisers (single band EQs, parametric EQs, graphic EQs)
  • selective vs subtractive equalising
  • how to 'ring out a room'

As a bonus you'll learn all about psychoacoustics - the manipulation of sound to 'fool' the brain.

Students love my courses! Hear what they have to say:

'Matt Wong... I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me...He [Matt] keeps you engaged and takes the loads of information in bite size form.' -Nyk

'Great pace and delivery, however the animation is amazing. Seriously one of the best courses I've seen. It's very engaging!' - Umesh

'...the editing is amazing and the pace engaging. Great work!' - Davide

'Very organized and well presented...superbly done.' -Moslem

'Of the courses I've reviewed so far yours has demonstrated the best delivery' - Yi-Choong

'This is a wonderful course--very smooth presentation and great content.' -Sally

'The video and audio are great, and the instructor certainly knows what he is talking about.' -Dr Kluge


Stop guessing and become an audio sniper. No frequency will be safe from your well-honed ears after taking this course!

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Matthew Alexander Wong

Matthew Wong founded and ran a high-end medical clinic for 8 years in Sydney, Australia. There, he spearheaded the introduction of genomic testing to the public, and publishing house Penguin Books even commissioned a book documenting these exploits. He has done everything from creating a nut manufacturing business that makes ‘the best nuts on earth’ to training as a lawyer at the University of Technology Sydney and Victoria University, before completing his MBA in 2019. He believes one career is not enough, and that we have the ability to be much greater than we are; so don’t settle, grow!

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