iOS 9, Swift 2 & Xcode 7 - Apple Mobile App Development

Dive into the Present & Future of App Development with Apple's Major Coding Tools

What's Inside

With this expert taught course, you’ll learn to master Apple’s Swift 2, Xcode 7, and the latest iOS 9 platform by building 10 different apps. Each app will teach you new ways to utilize these tools, seamlessly enforcing concepts that will enable you to build apps from scratch. The experienced instructor, Jasoin Rybka, will take you from coding novice to mobile app pro, eventually helping you turn your dream app into an Apple App Store chart topper.

  • Lay the foundation for iOS 9 mobile app development w/ over 140 lectures
  • Enter the Apple mobile ecosystem w/ 18 hours of instruction
  • Get an introduction to using Xcode 7 & utilize its suite of tools
  • Publish & sell your apps on the Apple App Store
  • Master Apple’s newest version of its popular language, Swift
  • Add images to your app using core data
  • Add an API to your app like maps or web pages

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Jason Rybka

I've been developing web sites and programming since 1999, I know about a dozen different programming languages and I am an expert in Internet Security.

I am fluent in the following languages; Ajax, Applescript, HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, Java, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift, and XML.

Out of all the languages I know the newcomer Swift is one of my favorites. I began studying the language the day the documents where released to the world by Apple and I have yet to stop. In my courses I apply the concepts I've learned in a language that is clear and understandable to even non-programmers. I understand learning a new language sometimes has a high learning curve and I minimize this obstacle by adapting proven teaching methods and reinforcement messages to make sure my students fully understand the material.

In 2010 I fulfilled my dream and became a successful full time web designer and app developer creating my own small business XBSJASON TECH SERVICES. I spend my time developing web sites, creating Enterprise applications, making custom code solutions, and evaluating and advising on security thresholds for clients in the New Jersey, New York metro area.

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