Build a Twitter like app for Android

Learn Android by building a Twitter like App in Kotlin with Firebase as a network Backend


What's Inside

Social media now has the largest user base ever.

Have you ever thought about having a social network of your own? Now you can.

This course is the first step to developing your own social network by building a Twitter like app on Android with Kotlin.

More features than any other Twitter course out there.

We will implement several typical Twitter features like

  • tweets
  • hashtags
  • tweet likes
  • retweets
  • follow hashtags
  • follow users
  • news feed
  • more

We will go step by step through every line of code to explain what the functionality does, so that you can later improve, personalise and adapt the app to your needs and your imagination.

What if you could offer the alternative to Twitter that is missing today?

Everyone is on social media now, and this is your chance to begin creating your own.

Sign up today and learn how to make a Twitter like app for Android.

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