The Complete Android Marshmallow Development Course

Learn By Building 5 Phone & Smartwatch Apps For the Latest Version of Android

What's Inside

Get with the times, and learn to program for Android’s latest operating system version. Master the art of creating games for Marshmallow by creating 5 real-world apps, diving into material design principles, implementing ListViews, and more. By course’s end, you’ll be able to create apps for both smartphones and wearables, ready to be downloaded by legions of eager users.

  • Create 5 real-world Android M apps w/ 15 hours of content
  • Learn or review introductory Java concepts
  • Master & implement material design principles
  • Utilize & implement ListViews, databases, wear cards, etc.
  • Use Google’s main APIs during the app development process
  • Create wearable apps using the Wearable API

Course Curriculum

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