After Effects for Graphic Design

Learn to create jaw-dropping graphics and effects for any print, web or photography project.

What's Inside

Did you know that After Effects can be used for print design, web and photography? Join Chris Converse as he walks you through his techniques for creating stunning visuals for any medium. This course will take you on a step-by-step journey through the amazing design capabilities of After Effects — and show you how to Combine it with Photoshop for use in any design project.

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Chris Converse

Chris has over 25 years experience in graphic and interactive design, with a unique focus on both design and development. As a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), he has focused his career on merging design and technology to create the optimal execution across various media. In addition to graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology, he is also a featured speaker at various industry-related conferences, including the Adobe MAX, NAB, CreativePro Week and Keyframes. Watch his step-by-step courses online at LinkedIn Learning,, Skillshare, CPDForumula, CreativeLive,, or on Amazon Video. Find more of Chris' events at

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