Build Websites In Minutes. Create Any Sort Of Website You Want. An Introduction to WordPress

What's Inside

WordPress is the most successful content management system on the web today.

With WordPress you can build a site in five minutes – and with no prior experience. And, WordPress can be scaled to power some of the biggest websites in the world.

This course will show you:

• The WordPress back-end administration section
• How to create new pages and blog posts in WordPress
• How to customise the home page to look exactly how you want
• How to create and edit a menu, a sidebar, footer, etc.
• SEO best practices
• Design best practices, including changing, choosing and customizing a WordPress theme
• How to extend WordPress's capabilities with plug-ins
• Introduction to WordPress security and site speed
• and much more ... as well as how to install WordPress and how to choose a domain name, register it and how to connect to a host

I’ve been running a web and graphic design business for ten years specializing in Content Marketing, WordPress, Passive Income and Email Marketing.

However, over ten years ago, I was working in an office for somebody else doing very menial typesetting work. This is what I thought I had to do from the age of 18 to the age of 65 – work for somebody else in an office. Somebody came up to me in that office and suggested I use WordPress on my website. He knew I’ve been struggling creating web pages with static HTML. So I did. And that one piece of advice set me on a path where I left work two years later and now run a six-figure business from anywhere around the world.

And it’s not just me who’s created the business from WordPress – literally tens of thousands of successful businesses are in existence because of WordPress, its community and ecosystem. (Mine included!)

WordPress is free and open source. Nobody has ever been paid for creating or maintaining it. It has thousands of dedicated enthusiasts who are constantly testing, patching, updating and improving WordPress – more people that would work on a normal software product. WordPress is running over 25% of websites on the web! That’s an amazing number of people who use WordPress.

It’s very easy and I've started these videos at a basic level where I’m going through the WordPress administration "backend" section. Then, later in the course, I’ll create a website in front of your eyes – you can do it with me: creating pages, menus, sidebars, footers, changing the theme, changing the look of the website, adding functionality with plugins. You'll be amazed with how you can create a professional-looking website with just a few clicks!

WordPress can be used for just about any type of website. WordPress is a simple tool with an incredibly supportive and helpful community around it. Learning about WordPress will give you incredibly useful knowledge on web publishing, web standards, SEO, optimization, web design and online business in general.

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Rob Cubbon

I have over 20 years experience in graphic design, web design and marketing. I have run my own business since 2005.

I am an Amazon bestselling author of seven books, bestselling Udemy instructor and, above all, I want freedom for you and success for your business..

Being your own boss is an incredibly liberating experience but it can be difficult as well. There never seems to be enough time for what we want to do.

I'm driven to help people experience the positive side of entrepreneurship, not the negative.

I also build brands, create websites and run marketing campaigns for my clients.

My mission statement: I want to help and inspire people to build sustainable online businesses, earn passive income and experience greater freedom and happiness in their lives.

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