How To Make 2D iPhone Games Using Swift 4 and iOS 11

Create and Make Money With 2D iPhone Games. Designed for Beginners. Designed to Move Fast.


What's Inside

Want to build iPhone and iPad games? (And learn how to monetize them?)

You've come to the right place. This course is perfect for the beginner. It's a fast-paced course designed to focus on progress. I want you building, not sitting there learning boring theory.

I promise you, you won't believe how quickly you learn the major ideas behind some of the world's most popular and exciting games.

Why is this course perfect for a beginner?

Well, I was a beginner once, too. I wanted to learn how to make great games but I couldn't find any resources that 'clicked' with me (and they were all boring text tutorials or books). That's exactly why I made this course and structured it the way I didn't.

With each lecture, you build upon the current project by adding one or two more pieces of functionality. The course moves fast, teaches you so may new things in a logical progression, nothing too tough at first, and nothing too easy later on. It's an extremely satisfying pace.

Just imagine what you'll be capable of...

When you are finished, you'll have dozens of unique tools at your fingertips that you can use to create awesome games of your own, guaranteed. (Don't forget, you can always get your money back within 30 days).


As of now, in no particular order, you'll learn about the following over multiple projects: setting up a game, scaling items, sprites, background images, foreground images, animating objects in various ways, buttons, labels, the update loop, shooting weapons, physics in games, dragging objects around the screen, utilizing touching actions, utilizing swiping objects, particle systems in games, basic physics bodies, custom physics bodies, manipulating gravity, saving data such as best score, endlessly scrolling the game, destroying objects, creating multiple levels, creating a main menu screen, creating a game over screen, playing and stopping background music, sound effects, screen shakes, game state machines, randomly spawning enemies and objects, detecting contact between objects, handling collisions between two objects, error handling, device orientation, sprite anchor points, generating random numbers for different uses, handling when a player wins or loses, creating an "invincibility state" for players, applying vector impulses to objects, detecting when a player scores, pausing and un-pausing a game, creating a countdown timer for a game, information on images and graphics, using the accelerometer, switching between game states during play, splash screens and game icons, sharing gameplay screen shots with friends, adding the capability to rate the game on the app store, setting up and implementing In-App Purchases, restoring purchases, and more!

Sign up today, and here is what you'll get:

  • 2D Games Course: Approximately 9 hours (so far!) of high quality production content. I take massive pride in the quality of my work and work meticulously to record and edit this content.
  • Bonus Course: In-App Purchases: See below for a detailed description of this 1.5 hour course on creating In-App Purchases for your games. It teaches the two most common products, consumable and non-consumable purchases.
  • Growing Content: New Sections, Projects, Lectures, and Resources will be added to the course as they are completed. You'll get messages when something significant is added.
  • Access to completed project files in case you get stuck (you won't!) and other useful PDF resources every iOS game developer should have.
  • All the knowledge you need to get started building your own 2D iOS games!
  • HD 1080p screencasts with high quality audio.
  • A dynamic instructor. I'm not a mono-tone, boring computer geek. (Actually, I used to make my living presenting.)

Don't Waste Any More Time, Enroll Today!

Forget poorly produced YouTube videos and out-of-date materials. This inexpensive course gives you everything you need to gain a solid foundation in 2D iOS game development, all in one nice place and in a reasonable amount of time. (Who needs these 50+ hour courses? We've got lives to live, right?)

What Are The Requirements?

  1. No prior game development knowledge is required.
  2. This course was designed for Mac users. Unfortunately, there is no Windows support at this time.
  3. A basic knowledge of the Swift language is preferred. But, even without it, you will be able to follow along and build the project, you just may need to study Swift's syntax on your own. This course is about building games, not basic Swift.
  4. The latest version of Xcode is required and can be downloaded for free from Apple.


** As mentioned above

Newly Added to this 2D Game Course: "In-App Purchases (IAPs) for iPhone Apps - iOS 11 and Swift 4"

Most mobile developers monetize their games by including various In-App Purchases in the app. It's an important skill that any game developer should learn.

Fortunately for you, I have decided to include my complete course on this topic called: In-App Purchases (IAPs) for iPhone Apps - iOS 11 and Swift 4. This course is published already on Udemy, and if that's something you may want by itself, please check it out!

With this added course, you will:

Build a Solid Understanding of IAPs and Implement Them Into Your Apps Quickly Using Swift 4 and iOS 11.

  • If you have little or no experience with IAPs, this course is for you.
  • Designed to make learning IAPs as crystal clear as possible.
  • Structured as an easy, step-by-step process, from downloading a starter project to testing IAPs on your device.
  • Extremely practical course with as little "theory" as possible - get building things fast!
  • Uses a pre-made starter app. No need to have your own app made!
  • Fully updated for Swift 4 and iOS 11.

When I first started building IAPs to my apps I was clueless. I searched online for long periods of time and always came up with terrible, outdated material from previous versions of Swift and iOS. It took me well into the double-digit hours to put all the pieces together and get things working. It was extremely frustrating.

I couldn't find a single resource that walked me through the entire process step-by-step. That's exactly why I made this course. This is THE resource I wish I had when I first started with IAPs. This course walks you through everything you need to do into order to get your IAP ideas up and running on your own apps.

Here's exactly what you'll learn in the 14 lectures of this bonus course:

  • The process of successfully implementing IAPs into your apps
  • Setting up an app on iTunes
  • Preparing an app to include IAPs
  • Setting up IAPs on iTunes
  • Sandbox testing
  • StoreKit and all the code you need to learn
  • Consumable products
  • Non-Consumable products
  • Product requests
  • Handling the Payment Queue
  • Restoring purchases
  • Testing purchases on your device
  • And more!

So go ahead and start the course. You'll learn how to make 2D games AND learn how to create In-App Purchases for iPhone and iPad.

What do you have to lose? Go ahead and enroll today...there's a whole new world of possibilities...

Become a game developer today!


(Please note: there is no guarantee that you will make money developing games. This course only teaches how to code; it does not teach anything about business or marketing.)

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When I learned to code, I didn't find any resources that completely "clicked" with me. That's exactly why I developed the courses I have available for you. My goal is to teach you simply, quickly, and to focus on building things. I hate the theoretical part of programming and just want to create.

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