2048: Build Your First Complete Game with C# & Unity

Clone This Popular Game to Master Important Game Development Principles


What's Inside

Remember that 2048 game that had everyone addicted to their phones, swiping numbers every which way? Take a peek into what’s under the hood. Dive into use of the Unity3D game engine and C# programming, and learn everything from how to write scripts to enabling functions like tracking and storing scores. You’ll end this course with a polished, working product, and having consolidated skills applicable towards any future programming projects.

  • Clone the popular 2048 math puzzle game w/ 5 hours of content
  • Master use of Unity3D & C#
  • Add visual enhancements to your game, including animation of merging & moving tiles in your game
  • Write scripts to track player scores, store high scores & more
  • Fix bugs & review your code
  • Finish the course w/ a polished product worth publishing to the App Store
  • Master valuable skills transferrable to future programming projects

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