Overview of Course and Product Downloads

This Section presents a short overview for learning how to create a budget that works. To get started, a number of course materials have been included and introduced to insure the most success. Downloadable course materials at the beginning of this course included a copy of The Budget Kit 6 Ed. eBook along with numerous printable PDF worksheets plus a Budget Kit Excel Spreadsheet Package.

Even if you are now working with other budgeting software or apps, listen for the powerful CORE CONCEPTS being discussed and graphically shown with the various worksheets. Then apply this information to your software or apps as you continue to set up and use these other resources.

Throughout this course there will be Power Point slides to go with all the videos. Please download those slides before you start the video and then follow along when I refer to a particular slide. Look for the link with the slides at the bottom of each lesson. Just watch for the “pptx” at the end.

Also, during the video presentation there may be references to "chapters" or other terms that are now all known as STEPS.

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