Learning speed reading is only half the solution. The problem is just learning quicker will not get you real life results. That's why we ensure you focus on action to achieve rapid results from what you learn.

Many people can read over 50 books per year like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates & Mark Cuban. Although they don't know how to get results like these highly successful entrepreneurs.

Its not the words per minute that matter it’s the results per book. This is not a 6-hour course with weeks of practice like other speed-reading courses. As an entrepreneur the reason you read is not to say how many books you read at the end of the year,(or at least it shouldn’t be) it’s to get real actionable results in your business and your life.

By applying the right books swiftly, you will start to create an almost magical ability to connect ideas and maintain rapid momentum in your business.

This is a life changing course. Not just mine, but over 600 other registered entrepreneurs as well.

"I took one of the concepts in your program and I am really proud that I have taken action. I actually read 5 books and went through 3 online courses in the last month, whatever you have done to me it has worked!"

  • Jon Azzopardi - Mentor & Entrepreneur

"This course improved my ability to find actionable information in less time. I have been reading personal development and business books for many years although I always thought speed reading was difficult to learn or not beneficial for me. Now I know, what a difference it has made by fast-tracking my learning in order to reach my goals quicker."

  • Kristian Zoppa – Business Owner

Course Curriculum

  How Can Reading Change Your Life?
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days after you enroll
  Build Your Effective Reading Mindset
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Maximize Your Learning
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Accelerate Your Reading Skill
Available in days
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  Bonus Materials for Extra Boost
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Derek Isaac is a business success coach that helps busy entrepreneurs improve the profit and freedom they get from their businesses. His background experience is in construction contracting and real estate investing.

Now ready to give back and follow his passion of teaching entrepreneurs, Derek provides training and coaching for business owners.

This course will teach you how to go from being an average reader, reading maybe a book a month, to becoming a reading master reading 100+ books per year.

Imagine if you read 8 books each month focused on your goals. How would this level of study boost your life?

"If you want to be wealthy, study wealth. If you want tot be happy, study happiness." This was some of the best advice Jim Rohn said he ever received.

Improving your reading and learning skills will completely transform your life.

Here's to your continued success and well-being,

Derek Isaac

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Become a Reading Master

Read 100+ Books this Year.

Imagine if you read 8 books each month focused on your goals. How would this level of study boost your life?

Focused to Save You Time

We cut out the fluff to provide you with the important information and an action plan to turn this info into results.

More than Just Reading Quicker

This is a complete reading system. Learn how to become effective and efficient with your learning whether that's through books, courses or online articles.