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Learn Python From Scratch Without Wasting Money On Boring Python Books! This is a 100% Hands-On Python Course! Python 2!


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"What an incredible value and learning experience!" by Sean A.


Do you want to become a Python Developer without having to spend a lot of money on books and boring theoretical courses, in just 8 exciting hours?

Do you often hear things like: You should learn Python or Write a Python script for that or Python is easy to learn? Python here, Python there, Python everywhere?

Join many successful students who have decided to learn Python and boost their careers using this 100% hands-on course!

"Excellent course, one of the best programming courses about python." by Manuel Aguilera

"I loved this Course , it was Awesome Experience" by Hassan Mohamad Salamah


"I've taken quite a few programming courses and they all seem to bog you down with theory and long-winded explanations before actually letting you program...this course gets straight to it and does a fantastic job. Programming is like swimming, you'll only learn it by doing it. Kudos!" by Mr E


"I find these course easy to follow and browse. Is very well structured." by Mihaela Dvornic

Python programming course aimed at anyone having little or no experience in coding and a great desire to start learning Python from scratch. This hands-on training takes you from "Hello World!" to advanced Python topics in just a few hours.

First, you will learn and practice every Python key concept, which is explained in one or more video lectures, followed by a short quiz. Each video is filled with relevant examples, in a learn-by-doing fashion and the quizzes will help you consolidate the main ideas behind each Python topic. After laying the foundation you will start exploring some advanced Python topics.

The course covers Python 2.7, the latest Python 2 version. Master this and it will very easy for you to switch to Python 3, when the time comes.

I encourage you to learn Python, an amazingly beginner-friendly programming language and take your job or career to a higher level.

"Very exciting course! I recommend it!" by Stefan Bazac


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Mihai Catalin Teodosiu


My name is Mihai and I am the founder and main Python instructor at

I have a BS degree in Telecommunications and Information Technology from University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania and also the CCNP, CCNA, CCDA, JNCIA and ISTQB CTFL certifications.

What are my credentials?

▪ Work experience in Networking and Quality Assurance Engineering.

▪ Used Python vastly in Network Automation and Test Automation.

▪ Certified professional: Cisco, Juniper and ISTQB certifications.

▪ Teaching Python programming courses since 2015.

▪ 100.000+ students, 4.6 / 5 average course rating.

✔ What are my students saying about the kind of courses I create?

"What an incredible value and learning experience!" by Sean A.

"Excellent material. Kudos to a great instructor with a vast level of creativity." by Anthony W.

"I can say this man is going on smoothly and perfectly, explaining in the most empirical/foundational way." by Kolapo A.

I am constantly improving my content and teaching methods, providing my students with the best learning experience possible, helping thousands to take the next step in their careers.

I'll see you inside the courses!

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