Master Video Game Making

Beginners to Intermediates: Learn industry standard tools, technologies, terms and concepts. Then any tool and game engine is easily adapted to your skills.


What's Inside

This ALL IN ONE course teaches various areas of game development and related technologies.
Currently includes over 500 texture assets that includes particle effect images, sprites, normal maps and more! Also included is a 3d model library of more than 80 models with various source file formats to load into your chosen 3D tool, for students to learn by example. There's more, and more to come as this course grows.
This is a "living course".. which means it will grow via student feedback. Updates will be free to all students.
You'll have the skills and knowledge to quickly become an intermediate level developer. As you blaze through your lessons, you may think that if you watch the course twice, that certain topics are more easily associated to other topics because everything relates to everything ..and.. well, you'd be correct!!
Experiencing various forms of knowledge related to game technologies will prepare each student to become an "easy to adapt" to new tools, developer!! You won't just learn how to use a game engine via walk-through lessons, you'll also learn industry standard tools and explanations of industry terms. If you want to have skills and knowledge that normally take years to learn, this is the course for you. Learn about 3d models and how to make them, learn about 2D texture maps and how the different texture-maps work to make beautiful visuals when used in materials and shaders!!
Learn how to program via everyday explanations and examples..and then buckle into your seat as the programming speeds up for when you're ready to follow along with more intense learning!
We use different game engines..and there's just so much more to this..
This course is about the tools, the engines, and how the tech of each area comes together to make games.
So.... Why learn how to use just one engine when you can take this course and basically learn how to use any engine or any tool because you learned the technologies and you learned the terminologies and you learned the tools and you learned much of multiple engines and you learned more than you ever thought possible, this quickly. Don't be worried, join in !!
>Note: engines and tools are planned to be added through course updates.
'And feedback is taken to improve course, how else can it improve !? ::wink::

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Eric Barth [Mr. GameDev]

Partial Biography:

With approx. 2 decades of experience in game and sim development, I have worked every job known in game and sim development studios. I've been a part of more than 40 released products and an additional 30 of my own. Video games; Technical 3d, game logic, tools development..I simply live and breath this stuff. Join in with me, my courses are "living courses". This means new video sections are added every time the student count surpasses a number...and best yet: the students suggest and are polled on what will be added!!
-- Now to the story of me..and games..(and pizza).
I was born in New York and grew up with a love for sports, but more love for: computers! Any chance that I had to use a computer(which was most likely an Apple ll, as a kid), I took that opportunity. I always dreamt of making my own software and games as I played Atari, Coleco, NeoGeo, Nintendo, Sega, and every game system I have ever used. I studied the games. I deciphered how things worked. ..and it pulled me in more and more and more... and just look at me now! Everyone I know, thinks that I was replaced by a robot. Hehe, maybe I was!! :wink:

*I have a natural curiosity to learn and I enjoy helping others to learn. When you smile from what I teach you..I also smile. 'When I learn something new, I smile.

During my college days, 'Game Development' was not an offered curriculum and so I enrolled into Art, Computer Science and Psychology. Almost right after college I started to learn Game Development..I could not stop myself.. something in me would not let go.
I have been taught by some of the best there has ever been, mainly through discussions, emails, video chats, and of course; video courses!! Not only have those efforts given me a wide set of skills, but I learned what it takes to make a great video course; layering the details, explaining the components and concepts, showing the use of the tools, providing assets and examples, and covering the terminology of each area of technology. I also learned the immense value of re-watching the GOOD video courses.
A few years later, colleges were starting to offer courses directly related to Video Games.. but I decided to save my money because I WAS ALREADY WORKING IN VIDEO GAMES!!

If I had to point out my strengths, they would be; technical 3d as well as tools development..which basically means; "everything visual and coupled with programming". ::smiles:: ..I enjoy building tools that automate processes that others have thought impossible. I'm a problem solver I suppose!!
Note: I have also worked in Audio positions but I prefer the other areas.

I have worked various positions from 3d generalist to Art Director to full-on game-designer-developer to studio manager and I am the type that simply works whatever areas of work is needed to get the job done. All involved in game development are best knowing that being skilled in one area is good, but being skilled in many areas makes you "a beast of awesome"!!! I have built more than 4 dozen games(8 dozen if you count the early ones that I consider the bad ones :wink: ), 3 dozen websites from scratch and about 80 websites with various systems, a dozen automation tool-engine-specific toolsets for game development, and I have sold more than 10k licenses of my own specialized 3D automation powertools/programming tools. I've worked on interactive game museum exhibits, municipality-teaching multiplayer games, military sim trainers and physics simulation tools development for government contractors. - I have taught approximately 2,000 online students how to work in niche areas of game development and I am here to teach as many people as I can about working in various areas of game development, and other technologies. I'll make courses of various purposes. ::wink::

I am currently(2017) working on a very special project with some great people. We'll be releasing this new product in 2018 and if you take my beginner/intermediate game developer course(s) .. you'll be prepared to jump into using the new product, and hopefully make alot of money for yourself !! I am working with my partners to provide students of my courses, a discount on the product. While I can't guarantee it right now, I am sure we'll make it happen. ;) We want to see everyone succeed.

If this information becomes aged, please tell me and I will write an update.

Thanks for reading!!
- Eric Barth
[Mr. GameDev]

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