Welcome! This course covers the most important concepts and processes of the Project Management best practice framework in one hour. 

First an overview of definitions, key concepts, and the formal Project Management Institute (PMI) process is provided. 

Then the key elements of the five project management stages is described:

  • Initiating: The contents of the Project Charter that establish the beginning of a project, and set up the planning stage to be targeted and efficient.
  • Planning: A one page flow chart of the entire planning process, the importance of the core project team, the contents of a good Project Management Plan, and the importance of truth telling in the project plan review.
  • Execution: The purpose of execution, when the team gets the project done.
  • Monitoring & Control: The purpose of monitoring and control, monthly statusing, a one page report format, and how to conduct the monthly review in the most optimally constructive way.
  • Closing: The purpose of closing, the project celebration, and preparation of a good final report.

I hope you enjoy the course!

All my best,

William Stewart PhD, PMP

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